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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the advantages of a small care home vs. a large care facility?

Answer: People grow up in homes not industrial complexes. No matter how the larger facilities advertise they are still large facilities with many employees, auditorium like dinning areas, industrial kitchens producing low cost industrial food, and generally a population of exclusively elderly. Most large facilities advertise and promise a wide variety of group oriented activities, swimming programs or an in-house infirmary as major attractions.

Small facilities tailor personalized meaningful activities for the specific individual. Some small facilities have animals and children. Small assisted care facilities give greater care than larger facilities and have less staff turnover. Some small facilities have no staff turnover. If residents are ill in a small care home the infirmary goes to their room and a physician is called for direction and guidance.

Visit a small six-bed facility and compare care, cost and the total environment before making a choice.


Question: Is it cheaper to have home health or care managers come to my home?

Answer: In most situations RCFE' s are cheaper, safer and provide much better care. Case Management or Home Care Companies (Not State Licensed) are very expensive and require labor oversight from the family as to labor problems and turnover. However, when their clients are in the appropriate RCFE�s the costs could easily decline as much as several hundred percent. Most assisted care clients adapt easily and are in a more constructive/supportive and safe home environment with peers, planned activities, social events, consistent care providers and most importantly, family independence.


Question: Who decides if I am appropriate for assisted living?

Answer: The physician is the primary individual who determines if you are eligible for Assisted Care vs. Skilled Care (Nursing Home). The Care Home owners/administrators are responsible that your level of assisted care is within the allowable limits dictated by the State Of California pursuant to Title 22. Most people, physicians, hospital discharge planners and care managers/companies are simply not familiar with care homes and generally in the absence of time gravitate to the skilled nursing facilities, expensive home care options and large assisted care institutions. There is a huge world of difference between the nursing home and industrial assisted care complex environments and a residential care home for those that seek assisted care in a more nurturing home and natural atmosphere. It is not unreasonable for your physician, care manager/company or hospital discharge planners to be knowledgeable about the options, services, availability and cost savings offered at residential care homes in Santa Barbara.


Question: What kinds of activities are provided?

Answer: A full complement of programs and activities are offered at each individual assisted living facility to enrich the living experience for each unique resident. These activities include but are not limited to arts and crafts, lectures, movies, concerts, outings and many others. Private contracted companions are also encouraged for those that love to visit and travel.


Question: Do you have a nurse on duty?

Answer. Some homes are owned and staffed by nurses and specialize in clients with more demanding health requirements. These facilities generally have special waivers. Residential Care Facilities in the vast majority of cases are not mini-nursing homes nor should they be. Most all facilities have stand-by nursing advisors to augment oversight and provide staff training.


Question: Is transportation provided for medical and dental appointments?

Answer: All assisted living facilities make arrangements for transportation to and from medical and dental appointments. Some facilities provide their own transportation when possible.


Question: Can residents have guests for lunch or dinner?

Answer: Guests for lunch or dinner are encouraged.


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